Saturday, April 3, 2010

Food For Thought: Part 2

So, I last left you hanging after a discussion of my really crappy runs over the past few weeks.

Here is my nutrition solution:
1. Perpetuem -- a carb/protein mix designed for long endurance events (3+) hours, but that can be used for shorter stints as well
2. Hammer Gel (Rasberry-flavored) -- a gel that can be used to supply simple carbs
3. Water -- Way more!

So, I went and invested in 2 more Amphipod bottles, a small package of the Orange-Vanilla Perpetuem (wanted to make sure I liked the flavor), and 3 Hammer Gel packets. I left the house with 2 8 oz bottles of Perpetuem and 2 8 oz bottles of water.

I wasn't sure how often I should be consuming calories, and I didn't want to stress about timing my intake. So, I made a rule. I often put off taking in nutrition to help make a run feel shorter. For instance, I will tell myself, "I will eat this Hammer Gel when I get to the corner of 75th and Valmont." The idea being that it helps me break the run down into smaller chunks. My new rule was that any time I started to think that...I would eat/drink immediately (instead of waiting).

It worked really well! I felt great throughout my entire 18 mile run. The difference between my previous 2 weeks of runs and my 18-miler was like night and day. Bingo!

On Sunday, I went to the running store and bought some new shoes (same model, half size bigger to avoid any more badges), a jar of Perpetuem, and a few more Hammer Gels. I think I am going to get a bottle of gel and a small gel flask for my belt...but haven't decided yet. Here is a pic of my loot:

The problem is that these purchases put me up to about 450 bucks in the last two weeks. (I signed up for a marathon, a half marathon in Kansas, and a half marathon up a 14'er). Not good for the Net Worth!

Stay tuned this week for a training update, pics of the April Fool's joke that my students played on me, and a race report from the Olathe Half Marathon in Olathe, Kansas on April 10th.

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Erin C. said...

Congrats on your new purchases...sorry about the cost, though! That's the one downside to this whole long running distance deal. I'm curious/afraid to hear what April Fool's joke your students played on a high school teacher, I was just glad that I didn't have school on April 1st! My kids are good kids, but I could certainly see them taking advantage of the day...

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